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Q. What is a 15-minute cluster lash extension?

Our cluster lashes take 15 minutes to apply, on average. A number of hand-made natural lash clusters are applied over your own lashes to create a natural lash look. They are bonded to your own natural lashes with an adhesive that can be removed easily with our recommended lash remover (or equivalent if required). You are seated and awake and feel no pain or discomfort.

Our results show that clusters still remain the fastest, easiest and most natural looking way to give the appearance of volume and length. Importantly, they are relatively inexpensive to you because the application takes so little time to complete.

Q. How long do your lash extensions last?

In short, an average client should receive around 1-2 weeks from their clusters. This depends on a number of key factors, including (but not exclusively):

  • the condition of your own lashes & their natural characteristics
  • the 'cleanliness' of your lashes at the time of your appointment (ie. no mascara)
  • the natural oil content & production within your eye-zone area
  • your own treatment of the lashes after application

Q. Do you guarantee lashes for over 2-weeks?

No. Every client is different, so each situation will have a number of variables contributing to the length of time that the lashes will hold.

Please note that if you are not happy with the lashes immediately after application, it is important that you communicate this to the trained therapist or stockist and not wait until you have returned home. We can always help you during or immediately after the treatment, by rarely later due to adhesive drying times. A full removal and re-application may be charged in this event, so please be sure to follow these guidelines to avoid any confusion.

Please refer to your stockist for clarification of their policy or for further charges or conditions and discuss any questions that you might have in person with them fully prior to your treatment.

Q. Why do my lashes look different today?

The main point to remember here is that the way your clusters look after walking out of the salon might change marginally over time. Please consider that sleeping, rubbing your eyes and other daily activities can affect the clusters and the way they look. Sometimes, this is more pronounced than other times. But this is just normal. Again, please contact your stockist if you have any specific questions.

Q. How long do lashes last?

The answer to that depends on what the quality of the lash is, who applies it and what adhesive is used. They should last you at least 12-24 hours. In other words they are usually worn as a 'single-event' lash (and that includes day-time, every day!)

However, the advantage of the lash emporium® lashes is that they can be used over again. Simply remove and place in the tray ready for next time! Some clients have been known to use their lashes multiple times before they discard them for a brand new pair.

Please don't share your strip lashes as doing so may spread bacteria to another person. And if possible don't wear them over night as they will become worn as you move around during sleep and may cause irritation overnight. Always use clean hands when touching your lashes or your eyes.

Q. What's the best lash glue or adhesive?

We recommend DUO® strip eyelash adhesive. It comes in either clear or dark. It is a safe, latex-based adhesive especially designed for strip lashes. Used in conjunction with our strip lashes, the lashes should hold for a 12-24 hour period.

Please do not use any other adhesive for your strip lashes as it is not recommended or approved by the lash emporium® and may be unsuitable or prevent the lashes lasting the correct period of time, commonly known as 'lifting'.

Please read and follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions when applying your strip lashes.

Q. If my strip lashes lift, what should I do?

We recommend having a tube of DUO® strip eyelash adhesive with you at all times while wearing lashes. In case a lash lifts, it is recommended that you fully remove the lash and reapply. This ensures that you are applying lash adhesive away from your eye area. Use a very small amount of DUO® adhesive when you apply your lashes.

Q. Are all lashes the same quality?

Not usually. In the lash industry, the theory that, ‘you get what you pay for’, generally holds very true. Remember the difference between ‘cost’ and ‘value’ is that ‘cost’ is a numeric value, and ‘value’ often can’t be counted!

When considering you next lash purchase, ask yourself:

  • Are these lashes flexible-enough to contour to the shape of my eye?
  • Are these lashes ‘lift-resistant’, when applied correctly?
  • Are these lashes re-useable?
  • What adhesive is recommended with these lashes and does it hold correctly?
  • Am I buying a marketing gimmick or a genuine product?
  • Do I have choice of styles to create the look I want?

Q. How do I create a heavy look with my strip lashes?

Choosing your strip lashes is a very important part of the process. Check with your stockist for the lashes that suit you. If you require a heavier or more extreme look, ask your stockist to assist you in choosing 2 (two) pairs that can be applied over one another! There are no rules in this regard as long as they are applied safely and carefully.

Q. How do I create a natural look?

Check with your stockist for the lashes that suit you. If you require a lighter or more natural look ask your stockist to assist you in choosing a lighter lash, with less volume and length. We have a variety of shorter lashes and also half lashes that provide a very natural 'flick' at the outer edge.

Q. My lashes are short. Can you help?

It could be that your lashes are 'short' naturally because the growth (Anagen phase) of their cycle is shorter than most. It could also be that they fall out faster because the resting part of the growth cycle (Catagen phase) is shorter than normal.

There are very few options available to you in the event that you are genetically pre-disposed to short lashes. There are some growth accelerators on the market that can help condition your lashes, but faster growth is difficult to scientifically verify. Make sure you touch your lashes as little as possible to avoid pulling your lashes out. False lashes are a great option for you.

Q. Will my lashes grow back if I pull them out?

Yes. Lashes will generally re-grow quite quickly, but be patient. They may take up to 6 or 8 weeks to fully grow to their original length. Pulling a clump out means that the clump will re grow, but each hair will grow at different rates.

Q. Will Chemotherapy affect my lashes?

One of the more noticeable side-affects of Chemotherapy can include temporary hair loss that can affect some or all parts of the body. Often, this happens in the later stages of treatment and even weeks after your treatment concludes.

As lashes (and brows) are important in defining the eyes, loss of lashes is one of the more difficult psychological side affects of this treatment to have to deal with.

When fighting any serious illness, we recommend concentrating all of your efforts on getting better and ensuring that your immune system is given the best chance to help achieve this aim. As a result, we don't normally recommend applying false lashes, as your immune system is often less able to fend off even the smallest of infections and the application of your hands, tweezers or adhesives to your eye area may marginally increase this risk. While lash application is safe in normal circumstances, even the smallest increased chance of infection around the eye is something that you can do without in this situation.

That all said, ironically, false lashes can provide an important psychological boost to many people and there is a significant argument for their use in this situation. Strip lashes are often the most effective, and can last for hours even where lashes are very sparse, if applied correctly to the eyelid. Please always consult your healthcare professional in these circumstances.

Q. Should I use mascara?

Mascara has a place in creating your desired affect. If applying strip lashes, should you wish to use mascara, please place it on FIRST. Then apply you lash over the top. The adhesive will bond to the lash and the mascara.

If applying a strip lash on the top lash only (no lower lash), use mascara to create a BASELINE for the eye. This balances the upper and lower lashes best.

If you are preparing for you cluster lash extension appointment, please remove all traces of mascara from your lashes, clean your lashes carefully and ensure they are dry and completely free of any oils and debris. You should apply mascara to your lower lashes to ensure balance and a natural ‘frame’. Please be aware that most mascara products contain oils that can de-bond the adhesives used. This may reduce the time that you have your cluster lashes.

Q. How do I remove my lashes?

Always remove lashes with care. Strip lashes may be removed by gently peeling away the lash, or if required, a small amount of makeup remover can be used to assist. Never pull hard. Cluster lash extensions should ONLY be removed using the approved lash remover supplied by your stockist. Pulling your cluster lash extensions without remover may harm your own lashes. This should be avoided. Always read the labels on all products.

Q. I have an eye infection. Can I wear false lashes?

A Stye presents as a lump inside or around the edge of the eyelid that can become inflamed and painful. This is an infection and lash wear should be avoided. Blepharitis (infection) of the eyelid usually causes inflammation and redness and lash application should be avoided. Any concerns should be reported to your stockist or therapist and if necessary, seek medical advice.

Q. I'm allergic to latex. Can I wear strip lashes?

Latex allergies are rare, but if concerned please ask your stockist to complete a 'patch test' at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Latex is an ingredient in the DUO strip lash adhesive, recommended by the lash emporium® and exists in many other strip lash adhesives.

Q. Can I wear lashes while pregnant?

Normally, yes. But if you are unsure of this given your individual circumstances, seek medical advice.

Q. I wear contact lenses. Can I wear false lashes?

Yes. Contact lenses are placed on the surface of the eye. This area is untouched when applying lashes, during wear or when removing lashes.

Q. I wear glasses. Can I wear false lashes?

Yes. Glasses do not affect false lashes. Please make sure that you choose lashes that don't interfere with your vision, particularly if operating machinery.

Q. Can I return my lashes, even if they are unused?

Due to hygiene requirements, any returned, unused stock - even in its original packaging - will be discarded and cannot be re-sold. Please check with your stockist for refund policies and statutory rights.

Q. I want to buy online. Can you assist?

A. Yes. Please e-mail our team at info@thelashemporium.com stating briefly the nature of the issue, your name and contact number and we will contact you to resolve the problem or quickly guide you through a purchase over the phone.

Alternatively, if you are in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, simply contact us by phone from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday on (UK) 0035361603849 or (IRE) 061603849

Q. I want to stock your lashes. Can you help?

To find out more about become a stockist, please click here, or contact us directly by e-mailing info@thelashemporium.com or calling +353 (0) 61 603849

We look forward to hearing from you.

Q. Do you sell lashes internationally?

Yes. If you order in our store, we send your products within 1 business day, anywhere in the world - FREE POSTAGE!

We are also looking for distributors in:

  • USA
  • U.A.E

If you are a beauty product distributor or you are interested, please contact us.

Q. Where's the lash bar in Dublin gone?

The Lash Bar, was Ireland's first and only fully exclusive lash shop. It was opened in 2007 in Powerscourt Town Centre by our company.

In May 2010, the company decided to pull out of the Dublin retail market and concentrate on giving hair and beauty salons the concept exclusively. So, there's now about 90 or so stockists throughout Ireland, and now the UK!

And then we changed our name to one that we think really says who we are. The Lash Emporium - a marketplace for fashion lashes!

The lash emporium stockists and staff are all trained exclusively by us, in house, and they stock many of our best selling lashes. Our clients have both natural and party ranges in our strip lashes and all clients do our famous €30 / £25 1-2 week express lash extensions using our hand made lashes.

If you're looking for a place to get your lashes done, look at our stockist page, locate your preferred area and you'll find a stockist near you. It's like having the lash bar in Powersount Town Centre, right at your doorstep!

Q. Why do we have eyelashes?

Ok. Good question! Three reasons:

  1. Physical protection from DEBRIS entering the eye.
  2. The hairs are attached to nerves that SIGNAL when something is coming close to the eye
  3. The signal AUTOMATICALLY cause the eyelid to shut, using the body's REFLEX action.

There's a fourth; they frame the eye and aid in SEXUAL ATTRACTION of other human beings. The eyelash is a part of the human courting ritual and has been enhanced artificially for many years to aid in visual attraction to the opposite sex.